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Sytron (Iron)

  • Babies who are born before 34 weeks gestation or who weigh less than 1800g at birth are prone to iron deficiency
  • Iron is important in the production of healthy blood cells and is therefore useful in preventing anaemia
  • Sytron is an Iron supplement, which comes in syrup form and is given orally once a day
  • Treatment starts at 6 weeks of age as long as your baby is tolerating full milk feeds
  • If your baby falls into the category that needs Sytron but is discharged home before 6 weeks of age you will be given a letter for your GP with a date on which to start Sytron
  • It is recommended that Sytron be given until your baby is 9 months from the date at which he was originally expected to have been born
  • Before stopping Iron your baby should be on a varied weaning diet
  • You can discuss this with your doctor or Health Visitor who will decide what is most appropriate for your baby
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